Destinations for December 2016

Do you know what I really enjoy by writing posts in this blog? The research that I have to do…  You can be lost and attracted by numerous reasons, but yet you have to stay focus to your aim! In this post, I will present you “Destinations for December 2016” based on Christmas markets and Christmas events! And they won’t be famous destinations!


Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia is surprisingly awarded as the “Best Christmas Market of 2016″and is nominated for the “Best Christmas Market of 2017” by the website .

Christmas Market at Zagreb

During Advent in Zagreb, Zagreb offers a variety of events that will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Plenty of fun, excellent food, unique events, art, but also a genuine Christmas atmosphere, await you on the streets of Croatia’s capital. The event begins at 26.11.2016 until 08.01.2017 . Experience for yourself the magical Christmas atmosphere of the entire city center, try the typical winter food, take lovely pictures, keep yourself warm with some mulled wine and simply enjoy the many interesting things the city has to offer!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh’s Christmas Market

The European Christmas Market will once again return to East Princes St Gardens for a whole host of bespoke and traditional Christmas items! The traditional and romantic Christmas Market in the heart of the City of Edinburgh offers a unique shopping experience for every visitor with its fair of crafters, artists, gift shops and gastronomic surprises. Get into the Christmas spirit! So far, this market is the best that I ever have visit. Multicultural place, food from all around Europe and of course litres of beer! Visit the website to get the latest news and events that will take place all around the city. And if you wanna spend New Year’s Eve at Edinburgh, don’t forget to buy a ticket to the most amazing in Street Party of all around the world. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay will surprise you more than you think! Prices begin from 25£! Do not miss it!

Lille, France

Ferris Wheel at Lille

So far, non of my suggestions are typical. Neither this one! Lille is a city that can make you fall in love with. The atmosphere, the people, the whole city makes you wanna spend money and time around! Lille Christmas Market is extremely popular with the British because of the Eurostar link. The Christmas Market in Lille takes place in the Place Rihour which is full of stall-holders. The Eurostar journey to Lille Xmas Market takes as little as 80 minutes ! Lille, in Northern France stages one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. Approximately 80 chalets on Place Rihour are festively adorned with lights and colour, with traders from Russia, Canada and Poland offering many gift ideas. A Ferris Wheel turns on the main square, which is transformed into a winter wonderland, dominated by an 18-meter high Christmas tree. Shop windows compete to be the most original, and the 3900 shops in the city offer something for every taste and every budget. The market opens at 18.11.2016 until 30.12.2017.

USA and Canada

Washington D.C., US

Celebrating its 12th year, the Downtown Holiday Market boasts one of the most spectacular outdoor shopping environments in the region. The annual Downtown DC Holiday Market offers a festive atmosphere together with seasonal outdoor shopping. Situated in the heart of Washington’s DC Penn quarter neighbourhood, the Downtown DC Holiday Market is likely to feature approximately 50 exhibitors/artisans per week.And if you are lucky enough, you might meet Obama!!!                                                                        Dates: 25 Nov to 23 Dec 2016

Toronto, Canada

Christmas Market at Toronto

Visit Toronto Christmas Market for Christmas sights and sounds, including a massive 40 foot Christmas Tree, magical lighting, seasonal decor, musicsa entertainment, a ferris wheel and Santa’s Lane .The Christmas Market in Toronto returns this Christmas –  rediscover the magic and romance.Once again taking place at The Distillery Historic District.Admission is $6 including HST, on Fridays after 5.00 pm, and Saturdays/Sundays.Free admission Tuesday to Friday (until 5 pm).                                                Dates: 18 Nov to 22 Dec 2016

New York, US

The Union Square Holiday Market is known internationally and at the heart of New York. The Union Square Holiday Market has become a New York favourite, and attracts more than 1 million visitors from the United States and from overseas. It has become a meeting point for family and friends, and is located in the centre of New York city, right on Union Square. New areas such as Little Brooklyn and Urbanspace Provisions mean that Union Square is the ‘new’ Christmas Market on the block!                                                                    Dates: 17 Nov to 24 Dec 2016


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