Ways To Travel Through Europe

Summer holidays seems to be very far away from now, but it is never too soon to plan your trip. Medditarean countries are very famous destinations during summer and the best thing is that are connected between them by air, earth and sea! So here are the best ways to travel through Europe!

By Air

I know what you are thinking… You won’t spent more money for an air ticket! But what will happen if I will tell you that you can travel from Greece to Malta for 60-70$? Or from Rome to Barcelona for 40$? It’s not a joke, it is a reality! Low-cost airlines carry more international passengers than big and historical airlines. For example, according to IATA (International Air Transport Association), Ryanair (349 airplanes) transferred 86 million international passengers during  2014 and over 100 million during 2015 which make Ryanair the first airline to carry over 100 million international customers in a single year. Easy Jet comes second in traffic between European countries.

Qantas Airlines at Heathrow Airport

Prices are a bit higher than Ryanair’s prices but still has the name of one of the cheapest European airlines. Attention, most of the low-cost airlines do not offer meals or even a glass of water. And of course, you pay for your baggage. But if you want to travel in comfort don’t forget the major airlines. If you have a frequent flyer card of one of the 3 biggest airline alliances (SkyTeam, One World, Star Alliance), it is better to use an airline that can make you gain some more miles and save some money in the future or to use some of your miles that you have already gained!

By water

Summer without sea is like beer without alcohol. If you travel through South France and you want to visit Corse or you are in Barcelona and you want to visit Morocco, the best way to do it is by ferry boat! Direct Ferries is a website that offers, up to date ferry routes and the best deals of all around the world. Now, to be honest with you, there are plenty of ways to have “once in a lifetime experience”!

Loutra Port at Kythnos Island, Greece

One of them is to rent a sailboat!Sounds expensive? Well, it’s not! Imagine that you are 8 friends and you want to visit Italy. You can rent a sailboat for 3000$  (Including the captain) and that means 375$ per person for transportation and accommodation. And if you would like to remain on a tight budget, you can cook inside the boat! It is cool…but I won’t recommend it to those who get sea sick!!! And last but not least, the best, more expensive but more romantic way to travel between two countries, is a Cruise Ship! If your budget is large and you want to spend every penny that you have for comfort, relaxing and romantic scenery, just go for a cruise! Prices begin from 700$ per person!

By Rail

I miss the “choo choo” sound of my train toys… I wish every time that I travel by train to travel through time and to hear this sound. Although I know that during the past the trains were very slow and could take ages to reach from one point to another. Now, in some cases are the fastest way to travel and in some other cases the only way to travel! Huge railways companies are located in Europe and they connect plenty of countries all around Europe. SNCF, Eurostar, Thalys, Trenitalia are few of almost a thousand operated companies in EU. You can easily land in London and in 2 hours by train to be in France! Something that every traveler has to know is a ticket called InterRail for EU citizens and Eurail for non-EU citizens.These tickets are separated as : One Country Pass, The Select pass(between 2 to 4 countries) and the Global pass(5 or more countries). The price depends on the daily use and the length of the trip. So far, for me, is the best way to travel through Europe. You meet people, you enjoy the landscape, you can properly rest while you travel and you can save money and sleep time!

By Wheels

I know that most of us hate busses. Overcrowded places, slow pace, no toilet! But imagine that you are in London and you want to visit Manchester. You won’t pay 250$ for a train ticket, but you will pay 20$ for a bus ticket! Mega Bus is the largest bus company in the UK and now a member of Flix Bus, a company with international bus routes. With prices that begin by 5$ one way, you literally can go everywhere you want.


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